Trick & Treat

You never know who you will run into in New Jersey. That’s Dancin’ Will with me. When we met on a trans- atlantic cruise from New York to Lisbon in 1998 I had no idea we both had Jersey Shore connections. You’ll get my drift. Aka Bill Rodgers, Will was a social host on that cruise and I was on travel assignment for VIA Magazine. So I stepped all over his toes. He still remembers it. The late Buddy Morrow (then 80 years old) and the Tommy Dorsey Big Band played on the high seas for us. Here you can read about that trip—now titled It takes Two to Tango. Do  note it preceded my Tango life. Back then, I had no idea that one day I would forsake all those ballroom, Latin, and swing dances for Argentine Tango. But on this sudden trip to the Jersey Shore (to help Mom recover from surgery), I mostly did the former moves. After dancing with a certain to-remain-unnamed partner, I’m ready to incorporate a little quick step, Viennese Waltz, and West Coast Swing, oh and some rumba, some bolero, some salsa . . . hustle . . . back into my life. Apologies to the tango fundamentalists—but at least it’s still my Numero Uno.


  1. Small world, huh?