Balance, the Business-Life Connection

Even if you are not an entrepreneur or in business and in need of balance in your life, you should read this book for inspiration and entertainment value. OK, I will disclose up front that it is written by my big brother. But still, it’s a great read for anyone. As the number one son in a very traditional Sicilian American family, Jim experienced some of the best and some of the worst of my father’s quirky personality (to put it affectionately). Since Jim is 9 years my senior I actually learned some things about him and my family life before I was on the scene/seen. My earliest memories of Jim begin when he was a Rock and Roll Star. He went on to become a Scientist in Corporate America, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Indie Film Producer, Holistic Hotelier in Prague—and now an author. He writes engagingly about his life and finding balance. I hope you will pick up a copy. Balance, the Business-Life Connection.