Three new tango books—a novella, travel essays, and reportage on teaching tango in Africa.

TANGO: Celebrating 7 lucky years on the Book Shelf!

“What a wonderful connection you will be sharing with readers: the present moment, communion with another soul, letting go, passion, strength and femininity. I am very excited for your book!”

2015 Tango on Mt. Tamalpais, Oct 24

Details are here 2015 Tango on the Mountain (Tamalpais)

My Tango Teaching Credentials

I earned an official Argentine Tango teaching certificate in 2006 through the teacher training course with Christy Cote. The training is DVIDA approved. But my real knowledge and understanding of the dance  came with miles and miles on the dance floors everywhere, but most especially in Buenos Aires during the nearly four years, I called […]

Writing as Refuge Workshop

Anyone who writes experiences how it taps a different brain from the everyday one. Invariably, the writing space, entered as in meditation, allows loss and submerged pain to float to surface. Writers often face these feelings, along with the joyful ones, as signage to meaningful, redemptive stories, taking refuge in the practice. Consider this daylong workshop, a safe haven for personal writing—about loss or gain. We will write, chat, and work on crafting your precious material, with occasional personalized “soft” critiques.

TEDx Talk, Tango, the Dance, the Journey, the Transformation

Para mis amigos quienes hablan español: LA TRADUCCION – por Demian Gawianski ( Conferencia TEDx en Lower Eastside sobre “Tango: el baile, el viaje, la transformación”, 25 de octubre de 2013 Había una niña que pescaba con un anzuelo recto. La gente se reía de ella. “¿Por qué estás pescando con un anzuelo recto, niña […]

Tango Lesson, October 11, 2013, La Pista

Two big challenges in dancing tango: balance and full-body awareness Balance comes easy when you realize that all movement comes from the core. If you practice yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, or any martial art, you already know how to move and execute from the core. Jazz dancers, ballet dancers also know. By full-body awareness we […]

Two in-the-body experiences

Lengthen your spine, says the man facing about 100 of us in the lecture hall. Now open the front of your body around the sternum. Don’t strain, feel relaxed. This is the same instruction I give to tango dancers preparing to embrace, connect, and move to the music together. The man giving these instructions is […]

Tango Lesson, Friday, 9/20

Walking, or caminando, is the most basic unit of tango, the most elegant when done well with a partner, and the most under-estimated for its beauty. In this class we’ll work on different “flavors” of walking to the music, including the understated weight changing in place, the playful rock step (or cadencia), and rock steps with 1/4 & 1/2 turns or pivots. We’ll start with the music of Señor Romantico, Carlos DiSarli, and move into practica with El Res del Compas, the King of Rhythm, Rodolfo Biaggio. See you Friday!

Tango Beginners Class, Friday, Sept. 13

Tango for Beginners & Beginners’ Minds Friday, September 13 (lucky day in tango) This week: easy, breezy sacadas 7:30–8:30pm – Camille & partner show you steps & technique 8:30–10:30pm – Practica, with guidance $10 – package deal From the verb sacar, to remove or displace, sacadas play into the game-like aspect of tango where the […]

Beginners’ Mind Tango class, 9/6/13

Media Luna & La Cunita This is a beginner’s level tango class with mixed levels of beginners. Some of you have been dancing for a while, others are taking their very first tango class. All of which works just fine. Tango is a dance that you can enter into from various points. So even those […]

Letters From TANGO Readers

Hi Camille, What you are giving me is courage to attend milongas because you say that you get so much from the milonga dancing. I’m milonga phobic, but I’m going to try one tonight. Your story touched my heart. Thanks for sharing. I hope you are currently experiencing much beautiful Tango, joy, pleasure,and love. Your […]

It Takes a Tribe

A tribute to my Tango Tribe It is Thursday night at Verdi Club, San Francisco, where I dance tango once a week for shear pleasure. I am enjoying a rare moment of sitting out the music on the sideline. But it is an uplifting moment. The music of DJ Polo Talnir fills me and I […]

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, 2013

tango christmas – May you feel the stillness in the dancing and the dancing in the stillness, the gifts of life.

About La Pista Tango Salon

Tango dance salon, La Pista, 766 Brannan St. San Francisco, CA

The Tango Singer

I can still recall the virtual experience of this book in the end, as if I myself were lying at the bottom of a stairwell staring into the dark void, watching the universe expand from the Big Bang in all directions. Perhaps it was the Borges story that imprinted this imagery on my brain. The Tango Singer put me in the same cosmos.

The Tango Body, for Followers

There are hinges throughout the entire body. Not just the obvious ones—hips, elbows, knees—but the less obvious, too, shoulder blades, the vertebrae of the spinal column that lift and lower our ribs and that turn our upper body counter to our lower body (CBM). In fact, there are hundreds of hinges, named and unnamed. You […]

Yoga for Tango Dancers

MaryEllen Whitton & Camille Cusumano bring years of experience in yoga to help you get grounded in tango; stay balanced, stay on axis, transfer weight like a butterfly, breathe like a yogi, and find total relaxation in the dance. We’ll limber you up, calm you down, build your confidence. Namaste!

TEDx Does Tango

Many months ago, Todd, a young man from Manhattan called to gauge my interest in being part of a TEDx Talk—The Hero’s Journey (à la Joseph Campbell). He had read my book, Tango, an Argentine Love Story, and thought my tango journey fit the theme.

Tango, Internet Fraud

This is to alert tango teachers about Internet Fraud – yes, I fell for the scam until the last email below. Duh. The sender, “Jean” professes to be Greek. But when I got the first phone call—no doubt, Jean is a man and Nigerian. The scam’s been reported to the FBI and to another Internet fraud source. Jean still writes me.: