Tango, Internet Fraud

This is to alert tango teachers about Internet Fraud – yes, I fell for the scam until the last email below. Duh. The sender, “Jean” professes to be Greek. But when I got the first phone call—no doubt, Jean is a man and Nigerian. The scam’s been reported to the FBI and to another Internet fraud source:


I believe you are a dance teacher/instructor that LOVES teaching
dance, reliable with a good teaching experience.
I would like to book for 2 weeks dance classes for 3 hours each day
Monday to Saturday (morning hours) for a group of 10 dancers between
the ages of 20 to 23. We are asking for 3 hours per day for 2 weeks,
Monday – Saturday. A total of 36 hrs.
The sponsor of this workshop whose parents are the celebrants would love to entertain a few prestigious guests as well as family members. that would be attending the 50th wedding anniversary of his parents. The dancers are all at INTERMEDIATE level. What kind of dance styles do you teach? Do you have a training studio/facility where you conduct the classes? The training starts 1st October and ends 15th October 2012. I would love you to get back to me with the Grand total cost or an estimate. What are your charges and payment options? Do you accept credit cards? I would be grateful if you will be willing to teach quality classes and make us happy. Please send a confirmation to this
email IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL (NOT as an attachment please).

Best Regards,


I followed up with what I thought to be a high cost: $3,600 for the entire workshop. Jean wrote back “no problem.” Even when Jean said the sponsor didn’t want to use PayPal to pay the $1,000 to reserve space at the dance studio, I didn’t get it. I meet people all the time who are still wary of the Internet. I said I was willing to hold space for them on “good faith” — just show up and pay. Jean persisted. I won’t show you all the emails. This is the one when it finally dawned on me. The joke was on me. Ha ha.

Greetings Camille,
Thanks for your swift and detailed reply. I wish to inform you that the cost is acceptable. And due to our acceptance and willingness to train in your facility, I wish to embark on the payment for your services and for the provision of a language translator/linguist whom would be able to translate your language to them because they are Greeks and do not speak English language or your language.

I have arranged this with a linguist who is willing to undertake these and other logistical responsibilities on our behalf. He would be with them throughout their stay with you. The credit card details would be sent to you as soon as I receive your confirmatory email that you would charge as agreed/authorized.

So once you are in receipt of my visa card info, i would love you to charge the total amount of ($9,500.00USD) from the card, as soon as the money is confirmed in your account, deduct DEPOSIT payment for your services in the amount of($2,000.00USD) and transfer the remaining ($7,500.00USD) to the hired Translator/Logistics Agent to enable him to start making arrangements for travel logistics, such as travel insurance, hotel accommodation, flight ticketing, car rental, etc.

You are advised to charge the total sum because i wouldn’t entertain a third party to involve in the credit card info that is why am trusting ONLY you as a cooperate body to handle the credit card and i believe you will handle it with care.

The translator’s contact information will be forwarded to you once this is confirmed. Also note that the balance of your payment will be made to you at your convenience.

Confirm this and provide me with the following:
Your  full name/address
Name of the Manager/Owner
Telephone and fax numbers

Kindly send a confirmatory email. I await your swift response because i will like to make the payment as soon as possible. Lastly, i want to believe that our training will be made comfortable.

Best Regards,