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Trip the lights fantastic in Paris of South America

November is spring in Buenos Aires. The broad-canopied jacaranda trees burst into magnificent bloom, carpeting streets, parks, and plazas, in glowing lavender blossoms. The city called “Paris of South America,” for its European culture and spectacular French & Italian Renaissance architecture, never looks finer. The weather is warm and lovely then. This  nine-day trip includes a fun side trip to nearby gaucho country and plenty of time in Buenos Aires, the city that never sleeps.

WHEN: November 5 to November 13, 2010 – Price $1,775, or $1,275 for doubles (rooms have twin or double beds).

Trip #1 includes all this (click here).

Trip #2, very similar, runs November 16 to 24, 2010 and is ALL Buenos Aires.

Reserve with $500 or Pay in full. If you want to pay by check, email me for the address: ocaramia@earthlink.net or ocaramia@mac.com.

Trips #1 or #2


• I’ll arrange your airport (Ezeiza) pickup and dropoff ground transportation with a bilingual driver—$70 total.

• If you’d like to take the writing workshops and the yoga or get an extra tango lesson – we can arrange both for nominal fees.


• If you’d like to do some horse riding in San Antonia de Areco, it can be arranged for a nominal fee.

• If you’d like Spanish lessons, private classes are very affordable; I can arrange them for you with great teachers.

• My first days in Buenos Aires I hired an occasional “taxi” dancer (for a nominal fee) to accompany me to tango dance halls and dance with me only. If you’d like, we can arrange that–for either men or women.

• It’s good to arrive at least a day before the trip starts–and consider staying longer than 9 days. If you want other lodging options, I’ll give you a list, once you’re a registered participant.

• If you are interested in side trips around Argentina (or anywhere in South America) I can refer you to two reliable local travel agents (from whom I accept no commission) to put together a trip for you.


  1. Nicole Record says

    Hello, Camille,
    I was reading an issue of AAA magazine because many of my favorite restaurants (I live in Portland, Maine) were profiled. However, I was very interested in your article and even more excited when I saw your website. I was going to ask you to recommend a quality “tango tour” group in Argentina…needless to say I don’t have to do that now! I would love, love, love to participate in one of your tours.
    I am an attorney but find no joy in the work. I never wanted to be anything but a dancer, but you know how life can get in the way, especially when in many ways our society values linear, analytical thinking over creativity. So sad that a person can get set on an unfulfilling path simply because he or she happens to be good at left-brain tasks. In any event, dance feeds my soul and now at 40 I want to reclaim the joy and passion it brings to my life.
    Therefore, I am signing up for one of your tours in November!!
    I wondered if you had a recommendation as to which session may be better in any way (weather, access to clubs, other activities, etc.). Do you have a preference yourself? If so, I will sign up for that date range.
    Also, after I pay, would you be able to suggest a few things (where to stay, where to eat, what to see) for a single female traveler? I would like to arrive a few days before your session actually begins and have some time to explore. I enjoy traveling alone, but I always do research beforehand so that I have the best experience possible.
    Thank you, Camille! I am so excited about this you would not believe it. I look forward to meeting you and to having an experience that may very well change my life in a lot of ways.
    Love and Light,
    Nicole J. Record
    Portland, ME

  2. Elizabeta says

    Buen Dia Camille,

    I too was very inspired by your article in AAA Westways magazine and even more so after exploring your website. A month ago I took a 4 hour Argentine tango boot camp and fell in love! I have dabbled in swing, salsa and other ballroom dances but nothing has moved me as much as the tango….You must be my sister from another mother! I am an Italian/American born woman who is now the same age as you where when you absconded to Buenos Aires. Like Nicole, “you know how life can get in the way.” However, I have to say raising children on my own as a single mother and watching them grow into responsible adults has been extremely rewarding. I’ve taught them to pursue their passions and not seTtle for less! Well now after a job well done…it’s my turn to find my passion and self-fulfillment. I believe when we find our happiness and fulfillment through creative self-expression we shine our light upon others. Thank you Camille for shining your brilliant light and sharing your gift. I hope to join you and Nicole in November!

    Ciao for now! 🙂

    I C
    Los Angeles, CA

  3. My wife and I took 12 weeks of tango lessons in West Hollywood before spending a month in Buenos Aires (Nov. 2008). We both fell in love with the dance and can’t wait to return. On the one night of the month that they have the tango party atop Palacio Barolo we both had bad colds, so we were crushed that we couldn’t attend. We did see El Indio dancing in the plaza in San Telmo… Poetry in motion.

    I love your tango blog and will stay tuned for more. I hope we can take one of your tours someday.

    Be well,

    Venice, CA