Squaw Valley Institute, tango talk and demo

The Squaw Valley Institute presents:

Tango: A journey to happiness

In 2006, Camille Cusumano went to Buenos Aires planning to stay two months. But after two days, she cancelled her return ticket and that trip turned into a year and a half and the book, TANGO, AN ARGENTINE LOVE STORY (Seal Press). She has now lived in Argentina three-and-a-half years. Camille will perform a live demonstration of the dance, Argentine tango, talk about its magic and the writing of her book, as well as of the tango/writing communities in Buenos Aires. She’ll tell you the pros and cons of quitting your day job to go live in another hemisphere, “write” now!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Program begins at 6:30 (cocktails & appetizers)

Cedar House Sport Hotel, Truckee

Please confirm exact time at SVI’s site.

Bar opens at 6:30.

Before you come,  I hope you read my book, Tango, an Argentine Love Story—whether you get it from a friend, or buy it in a bookstore, at Amazon or other online stores, or even on Kindle. What I love about that book, my favorite of all the ones I’ve written or worked on, is that I got to write of all the things I love—food, travel, my Zen practice, yoga, my father, my mother, my nine brothers and sisters, Sicily, France, Buenos Aires, and tango, tango, tango. And a lot of other little subjects like love (the many types), life itself—and even death (of my father).

The  Squaw Valley Institute, which has hosted such luminaries at Greg Mortensen (Three Cups of Tea) and Bill Fink.

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