Fog Catalogue

This is a work in progress and has been approved by the  International Council on Fog

Fog is divided into three greater categories according to the  degree of Moisture (wet or dry),  its Source-— from sky, ground, or water—and its Light Content.


A. Pluvia: wet fog

a. Plumerie: (not to be confused with the Hawaiian flower) fog that has a tendency to break away from its main body in wispy little feathers of at least 15.

b. FingerlingFogling—as in I saw this long fingerling (of fog) extending from the Golden Gate almost to the Bay Bridge during a heat wave. It was smooth (no tentacles or fuzz rising off it) and very pointed. Not at all like:

B. Secco: dry fog

a.Vulcanash—an exceptionally dry fog whose particles tend to mimic the ash explosions of volcanoes. Often seen at the Gate on cool, gray summer days.

b. Cocoonix—a very dry dense type of fog that is characterized by its inexplicable tendency to completely enwrap the GG Bridge.


A. Celestia: fog from the sky (see also nebulara)

a. Curdus: Fogcurd-looks like curds in their whey. Or dumplings sitting closely together. Dumplinga

I. Terresta: fog from the earth

a. Tsunamis—tidal wave fog——seen around Mt. Tamalpais, where it mounts its takeover, washing up the mountain from below until there is a sea of satiny fog, a Camelot with lights and points of buildings or structures slicing through.


A. Alba: fog with a great degree of light suffusion

a. luxoria—fog that is completely saturated with light

b. silverine—a type of luxoria (satiny looking)

c. jubilee

d. minkus

B. ombra: fog with a high degree of light depletion

a. zencurls—this is wayseeking fog (a pluvia), not to be confused with plumerie; while it breaks away from the main body of fog, it does so as one, in contrast with its water nature, seeks its own level above the mass.

b. Tendrilli: (always plural) these horizontally spiralling frills of fog come in bunches, less en-lightened than zencurls.

c. Cauldrona: fog that gathers in a huge mass over the bay at the foot of the Marin Headlands and swirls like a boiling pot of steam; often seen by cyclists on hot days when the Bridge is wrapped in cocoonix.

Fog lux-–light infused fog.

Tentacular—a fog that is long and extends horizontally or obliquely but is more fuzzy, wispy, like a witches gnarly finger.