Buenos Aires Photographer

You may have heard me say before that Buenos Aires is in some ways the Paris of the 1920s, a Paris largely lost. In her photos, Alicia Lilo, an award-winning Porteña photographer whose work you may have seen at Museo de la Ciudad, evokes for me that Paris that I caught glimpses of in 1971.

To me it was thrilling to live in Buenos Aires and have these cafes and bars with old wood and brass and the added enchantment of the tango culture.

“Sensuous, moody, dramatic, ponderous, silent, Alicia’s black & white photographs of Buenos Aires evoke and illuminate this city we all love in a new light,” says art critic Oga Cho.

You can contact Alicia directly about her work and about purchasing it.

Alicia Lilo – alicialilocircus@yahoo.com.ar