Writing Workshops in July, August

Award-winning author Camille Cusumano dance tango, teaches writing from Buenos Aires to San Francisco, and now even the east coast. Keep checking.

Writing Workshop: A Thousand and One Words – Find your Writing Setpoint

Writing Workshop to help you understand your writing setpoint – the natural length for you and how to optimize it for finishing your stories and articles with full confidence.

Writers’ Hands, Dancers’ Feet, Zen Heart

The hands and feet are the farthest body parts from the heart, but they are as integral to mind as the brain or any other organ. Writing is as full-bodied as dancing tango.

How, then, does Zen practice inform your writing? My years of Zen meditation played a major role in my writing life—long before I wrote TANGO, helping me to untangle knots of confusion.

Buenos Aires to San Francisco

March 31, 2010. On this day I am saying adios to Buenos Aires—for a while—and returning home to San Francisco. It’s been nearly a four-year Odyssey, completely unplanned. I’m looking forward to hitting Home Shores. As with an hero’s journey, the linear time is irrelevant. It may as well have been a century, a millennium, an epoch, or a hundred-thousand-million kalpas. The “unplanned” part has so much to do with the forging of my new outlooks and insights. Therefore, bear with me, as I’ve become extremely un-task-oriented and very much moved by the moment(um).

I know I am going to be doing more writing workshops, in the San Francisco Bay Area, and In Buenos Aires, and in a little town outside of Buenos Aires—all to be announced as I align my webular thinking with calendars and linear time again. Keep checking here for future dates.

Port Townsend Tango Festival

I attended this festival last January and it is among my favorites now. Port Townsend is a stunning historic Victorian seaport that is gateway to Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula. The town with lovely restaurants and hotels is worth the trip in itself. Note the hotels giving special rates, below. Enjoy! If you can’t read this […]

Writing Workshops, Buenos Aires

f you can write, there’s a reader waiting to read what you have to say. Why not start publishing your prose? The time has never been more auspicious—and I’ll tell you why. If you are coming to Buenos Aires for your first time, be prepared to find inspiration daily in this lively Latin city and its culture, full of surprises.

Writing, editing, and publishing

Get help with all your writing/editing needs – features, stories, memoirs, essays, books, proposals, and more — non-fiction and fiction.

Tango at Larkspur Library

An Evening with author Camille Cusumano She dreamed of Buenos Aires and living the sensuous tango life . . . Camille Cusumano, San Francisco resident, did just that. She can tell you about her experiences on which she based her memoir and about the new book she’s writing, Get Tango, Dance your way to happiness.

Tango at SF Museum of Performance & Design

She dreamed of Buenos Aires and living the sensuous tango life . . . Camille Cusumano, San Francisco resident, did just that. She can tell you about her experiences on which she based her memoir “Tango: An Argentine Love Story” and about the new book she’s writing, Get Tango, Dance your way to happiness. The evening’s program includes a reception, reading by the author, tango dance presentation, and a free tango mini-lesson.

Travel Writing Workshop, Mendoza, Argentina

Anyone can craft an image-rich postcard to send home, but how do you fashion prose with your personal style intact and the substance that give it broader appeal, longer shelf life, and publishing opportunities?

Left Coast Writers host Tango, an Argentine Love Story

I’ll talk about “place” in writing, and of course with lots of discussion around my new book, Tango, an Argentine Love Story.

Tango Mendocino – book signing

I am especially endeared to Mendocino’s tango community because they received me with such warmth and welcomes when I was budding (OK, I’m still budding. . . ). And, the dancers among them who would come to dance in San Francisco were among the most memorable partners. And, I was so grateful to find Frank Howard, the Mendo milonga host, available for a lesson when I was in that phase where I couldn’t breathe right if I didn’t dance tango every 24 hours.** I was up in Fort Bragg visiting my friend, Betty, when I dragged her off so I could get a fix.

Tango Fashion Show

Gigi Jensen will host Camille Cusumano and her book, Tango, an Argentine Love Story, at her weekly milonga. Her Tango Fashion Show will highlight affordable tango fashions and promises to be a lot fun.

Tango on West Coast Live, 91.7FM (KALW)

West Coast Live hosts author Camille Cusumano (Tango, an Argentine Love Story) along with Broadway smash hit creator of Forever Tango, Luis Bravo

Tango Book Signing at the Belrose, San Rafael

I’ll read from and talk about my new book, Tango, an Argentine Love Story (Seal Press), which will be for sale there. I won’t talk long though, because there will be some serious dancers here, whose feet will be itching.
What better way to pass(celebrate or mourn, we shall see) the post-election “daze.” Let’s hope for a regime change that brings unity, not divisiveness, acceptance, not intolerance, connection, not fear or isolation, and love all around—all the things that tango engenders.

Elliott Bay Book Co., Seattle, Tango book signing

“Tango is a remarkable addition to contemporary dharma literature. It reads like a thriller, a romance, and above all it shows the redemptive potential of a sincere spiritual practice.”
—Sylvia Boorstein, PhD, author of Happiness Is an Inside Job

“Camille Cusumano has lived out many a mid-life woman’s fantasy: packing her bags, slit skirts, and tango shoes and spending a year in Argentina. The result is a memoir that is like the dance itself: smooth, absorbing, and erotically charged.”
—Laura Fraser, author of An Italian Affair

“The transformative power of the tango embrace beautifully captured. Bravo!”
—Marina Palmer, author of Kiss & Tango

Tango at Caffe Trieste

be presenting my book, Tango, an Argentine Love Story, at

Caffe Trieste, on Market Street near Gough.

This is Sonja Riket’s weekly milonga. She’ll teach a beginner class from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. I’ll chat and read til 8 p.m. and then you can dance until?
Come join the stimulating dialogue on tango, the dance that leads to inner and outer peace.

Tango book signing at Book Passage

I am so pleased to announce that I will be dancing and reading from Tango, an Argentine Love Story at Book Passage, one of the San Francisco Bay Area literati’s favorite haunts. I have had the honor of presenting books at Book Passage over the past eight years, starting with my novel, The Last Cannoli. And there is nothing like it – that platform! It’s a Friday evening, so let’s make a night of it. Come see, feel, hear tango as never before (felt, seen, heard . . . ).

At the Portland Tango Festival

Camille Cusumano will be in attendance of many events at the Portland Tango Festival and also among the vendors selling her book, Tango, an Argentine Love Story.

Get Lost Bookstore, Tango reading

Wednesday, October 22, 7 p.m. A reading from: Tango, an Argentine Love Story by Camille Cusumano. Check back to confirm time. GET LOST BOOKSTORE 1825 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 437-0529 Everything you wanted to know about tango and Buenos Aires. Praise for TangoPraise for Tango “Tango is a remarkable addition to contemporary […]