Tangueros Anonymous Unite

How Hooked Are You?

Yellow alert: You keep a pair of dance shoes in your car.
Orange alert: You have to work hard to maintain non-tango friendships.
Red alert: You have no non-tango friends and plan to quit your day job so
you can practice tango more often.

Come! Get help and encouragement for your addiction at the first in a series of TangoChats hosted by writers Camille Cusumano and Sasha Cagen to create tango community and explore the deeper resonances of tango in our lives, art, relationships,and personal growth. FIRST UP: tango addiction. Let’s explore what draws us to tango. Do we need a 12-step program or is it the non-tango dancers who need it? Come prepared to talk about your tango addiction. Come one, call all to contribute to the dialogue. What are the signs of tango addiction? Why is tango uniquely addictive? Can there ever be too much tango in your life?
All interested are invited to attend – we’ll meet at Caffe Trieste on Market
Street (the meeting is free, and you can buy coffee and food on your own. Note, there is a Tango Menu available that includes empanadas and salad. Caffe Trieste has a nice wine selection.)

Sunday, Jun. 19
4:00 – 6:00 pre – milonga chat

FREE (If you want to stay on for Sonja’s Riket’s milonga/lesson, see her listing)

Caffe Trieste Downtown
1667 Market Street
@ Gough St.
San Francisco, CA

Future TangoChat topics– to explore:

Do we tango dancers need to hitch our wagons to the bigger picture community? Say to environmentalists (Tango is clean, green, and never mean); to Spirituality (Tango is about kindness to self and others); to Sexuality (it is sexual, safe and socially acceptably so); Healthy (it’s low-impact exercise, calorie burner, a form of partners yoga, good for body and soul).  It’s democratic (anyone is free to choose to be the leader or follower).
We like to keep Tango a-political, not endorsing any partisan politics. It is BIGGER than that.
We are cognizant that Tango can bring to surface pleasant as well as uncomfortable feelings, emotions. Something to discuss.
Tango is empowering if you realize its potential as a microcosm of life. All that occurs in Tango partnership is exactly what occurs elsewhere in life. Only, it’s speeded up.

Please share any topics you would like to see covered in future TangoChats.

Besos y Abrazos


  1. Pj Schott says

    Thank God. I’m only on a Yellow Alert. My severe workaholism interferes with dancing. So have to keep shoes in car. Ya never know. And I usually wear jazz sneakers. I can dance in them in an emergency or spontaneous dancing opportunity.