Mother Seton Class of ’69 40-year reunion

MSR Class of '69 ReunionMary Jo Spicer MSR '69From those halls of truth and knowledge . . .

We—most of us—stepped through the doors of Mother Seton Regional High School one last time in June 1969 and here we are 40 years later.

I don’t think there was a woman in attendance who had actually aged 40-years’ worth. Call it the marvels of modern health, the aerobic age, genes, or our great academic foundation. The day was as radiant as we, and full of autumn brightness; some of us just smiled and beamed, speechless. We’re actually still here and  . . . there really was a place called Mother Seton.

I left NJ in ’73, right out of college, for San Francisco. This was my first look back at MSR (and for the record, I love vacationing in my native state now).

Nothing like travel to shape perspective. What stood out most for me was what beautiful eyes you all had. How come I never noticed that back then? What was I looking at?

I think we all felt something similar to this: No matter how far our individual paths took us out into the big world, no matter what we’ve suffered or enjoyed, attained or lost, all paths could lead back to this patch of earth that was so defining and significant to all of our formative years; and in some ways it’s as if no time passed. It was wonderful to be around everyone, even those whom I didn’t know well back in the good ol’ school daze.

I arrived late on Saturday morning for the brunch. Sister Regina Martin was just about done speaking and everyone stood up—a receiving line to greet me. No, wait. They’re standing in line for the buffet. I decided to pretend it was a receiving line for me anyway — and collect hugs, which I did. Hugs are a major staple here in Argentina where I’m currently residing, which swine flu hysteria did not diminish.

I regret not having more time to chat with everyone. There were so many conversations begun and too soon ended. I loved hearing about marriages, divorces, children, grand-children (I’m a aunt/great aunt countless times!); new enterprises; careers begun, shifted, or enduring; whose parents are still going strong; whose have passed on the Great Beyond; and all of life’s interesting escapades. The photos were great to see.

I wonder if anyone got photos of us dancing – it was as lively as ever – but I was too busy gettin’ down to shoot. The energy we still have is fabulous. No men, no problem. We can dance. I recall each school year between 1965 and ’69 begging my parents to send me to a co-ed school. Thankfully, they turned a deaf ear. They knew what I’d learn many years later—it was the hormones speaking. Oh, and they would have their say, in due time.

Mary Jo (who will forever be Mary Jo Spicer to me) had me lined up to give a tango lesson to any interested classmates Saturday after the golden oldie band was done. Regretfully, I had to leave hastily, though, right at 5 p.m. My 87-year-old Mom fell (broke some bones) and I had to drive with my sister Grace Becker (Class of ’70) to Annapolis. Mom’s doing well in rehab now, amazingly—and she didn’t even graduate from Seton. Let me give a nod to our several classmates who couldn’t attend the reunion because of caring for parents—boy is that a timely topic.

Well, this Web site was set up to help promote my tango book, but you can follow some of my many other travels over the years here. If it looks like all I do is tango . . . well, it was once true. Now I go for tune-ups (it’s an amazing and wonderful dance). But now I mostly write, which has been my professional life since 1977.

Here are some favorite story links: THE BIG NIGHT IN SICILY ; FAMILY REUNION IN SICILY ; and be the first to read just published ROMANTIC BUENOS AIRES.

I will move back to San Fran, home base, sometime in 2010. And, as I have a humongous family in the east (NJ/NY/PA/MD) I will always visit there. So please stay in touch. I’m sure we’ll meet again. My email is

Let’s not wait another 40 years. Next time: Tango Lessons.

Maria impende juvamen!

MSR Class of '69 Reunion

MSR Class of '69 ReunionMSR Class of '69 Reunion

MSR Class of '69 Reunion

MSR Class of '69 Reunion

MSR Class of '69 Reunion

MSR Class of '69 Reunion

MSR Class of '69 Reunion

MSR Class of '69 Reunion

MSR Class of '69 Reunion

MSR Class of '69 Reunion

MSR Class of '69 ReunionMSR Class of '69 ReunionMSR Class of '69 reunionMSR Class of '69 reunionMSR Class of '69 reunionMSR Class of '69 reunionMSR Class of '69 reunionMSR Class of '69 reunionMSR Class of '69 reunionMSR Class of '69 reunionMSR Class of '69 reunionMSR '69 reunion -


  1. Sheila Pranio (Kenny) says

    Camille: These photos are great! I really wish I could have been there to see everyone. Just seeing the MS Seal brings back memories! And your right Mary Jo will always be Mary Jo Spicer to me too!

    Please keep in touch…I’d love to see you when you come back to NJ for a visit.


    Sheila Pranio (Kenny)

  2. Camille,

    It is your unique talent for writing that has allowed you to put into words what so many of us were feeling at the reunion! Thank you for such a beautiful narrative!

    The pictures are great. I wish more alum could have been there. 40 years just melted away. What a fabulous group of women we have all become!

    Class of ’69 Rocks!

    Mary Jo Spicer Bugel

  3. Patricia Contreras Held says

    Camille; Thank you for the e-mail. I was unable to access the site to see the photographs and was just delighted when your e-mail arrived with all of the great pictures. While I could not id everyone, there were several, I had no doubt who they were! I was so sorry not to be there – maybe for the 50th!Thanks again, Patricia

  4. Carolyn Seney Walker says

    Camille, I was so happy to see you and to get my personal copy of “Tango” autographed by you! I started reading it this summer as my beach read but I didn’t get much beach reading in due to my mother passing away in June. Her wake was actually on my birthday. Her final gift to me….bringing my family together on my 58th birthday. I agree with you, caring for parents is tough but such a joy at the same time. Great to see everyone. Can’t believe we are almost 60! Who could have predicted we would have aged so well. It was the great MSR foundation and the love of our parents who sent us there! We are so blessed. I hope to see everyone again…real soon. Let’s not wait 10 years.

  5. Christine Telleri Buro says

    Camille – what a wonderful recap of our reunion. I am so glad that I went and renewed friendships.

    I also look forward to reading your books. I remember reading The Last Cannoli (I hope I got the title correct – it has been a number of years). It was especially enjoyable because of the references to Elizabeth, where I grew up.

    God bless you for making such a trip!

  6. Joan Clark Yuill says

    Camille- Thanks for posting these great pictures. It was so wonderful seeing you & catching up on 40 years from the train station to the Crowne Plaza.Ha! Ha!And I am reading my door prize book of the tango.(personally autographed of course) The reunion was so fantastic & I loved seeing everyone.We have to get together again in the near future.
    I do have pictures of us dancing after the luncheon. Go to to get on the wiki page.
    Joan Clark Yuill

  7. Laurie(Hayes)Burke says

    Camille, The pictures are wonderful. It was great seeing everyone and catching up on the last 40 years. Thank you for trying to teach me the tango.

  8. Laurel Ford Smith says


    You’ve said it all..

    And the hugs were for you!


  9. Terrie (Brown) Kennedy says

    Querida Camille,
    Los fotos estan muy fabuloso. It was wonderful to see you again and your memory of me being a funny person brought back such happy times. Thank you for that. I told everyone about the reunion and what an accomplished author you are. I so wanted an autographed book and luckily received one as a door prize.Please keep in touch.

    See you at the 50th!!