I could’ve danced all night

Original article here. [VIA Magazine, 1999, photo 2007, Kent Wade, Buenos Aires] On a nine-day cruise across the Atlantic, swinging to the Big Band sound of Tommy Dorsey was a breeze—especially for women traveling alone. By Camille Cusumano (photo, Kent Wade) A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle, I chanted […]

Tango Moments II – Under the Stars

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Tango Moments

Visitors’ Guide to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Where to eat, stay, tango, dance, walk, and more in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From an American who lived, loved, and danced there.

Rubbing up against a stranger (tango)

From National Geographic Traveler, October, 2010 NOW AND THEN, in Buenos Aires, I have the urge to rub against a man I’ve never met. When that occurs, I usually go to La Boca . . .

Love of Tango Argentina II

Get Tango, Get Happy (forever) (Continued from Get Tango, Get Happy, previous post) Something is happening in South America. For some it is merely a dance that’s been around more than a hundred years. For others it is nothing short of a miracle. Take Patricia Frola, who hesitantly tried it and watched the tremors she […]

Love of Tango Argentina I

GET TANGO, GET HAPPY Upcoming book By Camille Cusumano Overview I went to Buenos Aires in 2006 to stay for two months and get over a broken heart. I ended up staying three years. I found that tango, the way the Argentines do it, heart to heart, was the best therapy in the world. It […]

For the Love of Tango

From Texas Journey, New Mexico Journey, Alabama Journey, and Westways, Jul/Aug, 2010 –   No clocks grace the belle epoque walls of Niño Bien, a salon in Buenos Aires where I have danced tango for the past three years. I can’t be late for my next date this Saturday night—across town at another old dance hall—but […]

Tango for World Peace

World Peace Begins at Home – start with a dance, a tango, it takes two.

Woman survives 19 days with no tango!

It’s true. You can survive for that long without tango. However, do not ask for the sordid details of my inner mind, heart, and soul, not to mention my focus, balance, and sense of meaning to life. All has been restored to health and homeostasis since last night’s oxygenating of the blood and lungs with […]

Tango Therapy

Tango is different from other types of dancing for reasons that are definable and some that are not. You’ll hear about the pauses, the silence, the partners not speaking, not thinking, not looking at each other. The embrace is soft and sliding and so intimate, it’s as if the two partners are undergoing cell-fusion. The music has no fixed rhythmic pattern. The dance has a simple structure but is open to infinite improvisation (think of how few elements there are in the universe relative to the infinite ways they differentiate matter).

Tango, still green, clean, never mean

A favorite old post send to Obama when he was still green (meaning new). No offshore drilling I am writing to promote Argentine tango as the perfect “stimulus package” for our entire nation. Tango is definitely stimulating. It is affordable and minimalist (for us women: skimpy attire, one good pair of shoes, one good man, […]

Trip #2 Todo Buenos Aires, Argentina

Trips #2, November 16  to 24, 2010 includes: • Eight nights in Dandi Royal, an exquisite tango-themed mansion in San Telmo barrio – near to everything. • Welcome luncheon (on Monday, November 16) at Dandi. • Eight breakfasts. • Three scrumptious dinners featuring typical Argentine cuisine (which, despite what you’ve heard is NOT all grass-fed […]

Buenos Aires, Tango, Gauchos

Here’s what’s included: • Five nights in Dandi Royal, an exquisite tango-themed mansion in San Telmo barrio – near to everything. • Three nights in an elegant “posada,” a country inn, in San Antonio d’Areco (less than 2 hours’ drive from Buenos Aires through the famous pampas). • Welcome luncheon (on Friday, November 5) at […]

A day in the life of Argentina

On January 17, 1977, some of its henchman nabbed a 28-year-old surgeon who treated the poor in a suburb just outside of Buenos Aires. Her husband, Abel Pedro Madariaga, watched in horror as army officers in civilian garb pushed her into a Ford Falcon and drove off. She was pregnant.

Salon Canning Live

Check out this great video Justin DelSesto of WebVision produced. Live At Salon Canning – Video of Great Dancers – Buenos Aires’ Best More to come in the next weeks. Enjoy!

My favorite videos

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Mar del Plata in photos

I finally got to Mar del Plata, Argentina’s much loved and much maligned seashore. Those guilty of the latter have certainly not grown up in New Jersey where the seashore sports some of the same grit. The tango—at Milonga de Gente Madura, on Gason near España—was wonderful.

The Tango Lesson for Virgins

Teaching tango this morning to virgins – total beginners, I had them first just walk as they normally would walk, in a circle, the line of dance, which is always counter-clockwise. Next, I had them walk applying sensory awareness techniques that are commonly used in guided meditation, Feldenkrais, Pilates, Alexander technique, and the oldest known practice of SA on earth, yoga.

The Last Tango Christmas Show

December 23, 2009 Eugenio Maria follows me around like a puppy, trying to be heard over the din of music and chatter. He is telling me I’m beautiful or something similar. We’re milling around at the Christmas party awaiting the Tango Show at Jose T. Borda psychiatric hospital in Buenos Aires where I assist in […]